Noodle Ranch

Noodle Ranch

Noodle Ranch

2765 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85257

(480) 945-3182

Noodles Ranch in Scottsdale has been a long standing staple of the city for over a decade.  It has been known to serve up some delectable Vietnamese dishes and as times have changed; so has its menu and concepts.  Noodles Ranch is ran by Chef Andre Nguyen and his wife Noel.  Both of them were immigrated from Vietnam during the war where they first settled in Seattle, Washington back in 1972.  Seattle was where Chef Andre attended school for Restaurant Management at Seattle University and later progressing to Seattle Culinary Academy at Seattle Central Collage where he learn to craft his art in cooking.

Noodle Ranch1In 2004, Chef Andre and his wife relocated to warm and sunny Phoenix, Arizona where he was a chef at LON’s at The Hermosa.  A year later he opened what is now Noodles Ranch.  Chef Andre’s philosophy is simple; fresh ingredients, lean meats, and an open mind.  As the years have pass, the menu at Noodles Ranch has grown to cater to the modern American eatery.  Noodles Ranch will always have their traditional Vietnamese dishes, but also playful with their Asian fusion style meals.

The Viet Lifestyle Magazine family was welcomed with open arms to try some of Chef Andre’s meals.  As we sat, I was surprised as Chef Andre was able to join us for dinner.  I found him to be very soft spoken and a humble man.  His passion for his food and his restaurant is a journey of hard work and diligence of trial and error.

Noodle Ranch2 Noodle Ranch3Starting with the food we were served the following:

- Zen Spring Rolls - asparagus and shiitake mushrooms spring rolls

- Spicy Grilled Pork Spring Rolls - traditional Vietnamese pork spring rolls

- Sample Platter - 2 eggrolls, 1 tofu spring roll, shrimp, and sweet potato fritters

- Wide Rice Noodle with Chicken - stir-fried with green beans, carrots, broccoli, and yellow curry sauce

- Grilled Spicy Shrimp Salad - with chopped mixed greens and fresh mango

Moreover, Noodles Ranch does cater to vegetarians and gluten free diets.  As the Zen Spring Rolls were definitely vegetarian style.  The mushrooms were not over powering and the asparagus gave the roll an extra crunchy texture.  The spicy grilled pork spring rolls was your traditional style spring roll which I was used to.  Fresh minty bite with the Vietnamese pork sausage; ahhh... good memories of mom’s kitchen!  The Sample Platter was interesting because of the fritters.  I could care less about the other ingredients.  The sweet potato fritter was intriguing and definitely a flare of Chef Andre.  Served like a hash brown, the fritters were crunchy and gave the platter a welcoming starchy bite along with all the fresh ingredients.

Moving on to our entrees, the Wide Rice Noodles with Chicken was pretty much noodles fried with curry sauce.  However, I’m generally not a fan of curry noodles, but this one worked.  I think I’m used to eating curry noodles with glass or thin noodles and since either was in the dish; I rather enjoyed it.  The curry sauce was made by Chef Andre and doused in the noodles along with the vegetables and fried.  The vegetables was crisp and crunchy while the subtle noodles seeped in the curry sauce.  It had a slight after spicy kick, but was not overly powerful.   My favorite of the night had to be the Grilled Spicy Shrimp Salad, fresh shredded salad with slivers of mango along with Vietnamese fish sauce!  The shrimp was cooked to perfection and tender to the bite.  The compliment of the mangos gave this salad a sweet and sour crunch while the mint leaves provided a refreshing aroma.  I would definitely recommend this dish for warm summer months!

In the end, Noodles Ranch has been in the block for a reason.  Traditional Vietnamese food along with some fun and tasty Asian fusion bites created by Chef Andre brings a lot to the table.  The atmosphere of Noodles Ranch is quaint and welcoming.  The servers are attentive and Chef Andre can be seen here conversing with his regular patrons.  Someday one of those regular patron is going to be this guy! - Enjoy!

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