New York Fashion Week: Danny Nguyen Couture

By MongQ Tran

MQ:  Tell us about your Spring 2014 Collection.  What was your inspiration? DN:  I want to understand the life of a flower, from when it was born until the day it dies and will be reborn again next season, it’s just like fashion. MQ:  This collection shows obvious intricate details and hand-crafted work, tell us more about your progress.  How long did it take you to finish a dress? DN:  Each dress is hand done, from the stitching to the beading and the antique of fabric; one dress can be from 80 hour to 150 hours depending on the design. MQ:  Tell me about your experience of showing during New York Fashion Week. Have you shown in NY before?  How many shows did you have this season? DN:  I have shown before in NYC, it was a small show to test run and see how New York would accept my design, then this season I showcase my Spring/Summer 2014 at couture fashion week and emerge fashion show.   MQ:  What is your next project? (Are you planning on showing a Fall/Winter Collection 2014?) DN:  I’m planning to showcase at NolCha fashion week in NYC this coming season and also planning to show in Paris at the same time. MQ:  What price range are these garments retail for?  Where can your clients purchase? DN:  Price change can be from $700 to $3,000, and up, they can check us out at MQ:  What are your future plans for DNC? DN:  I’m planning by next September to showcase at Mercedes Benz fashion week. Then hopeful a storefront in New York  

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