FALL FASHION: MEN’S KEY TRENDS Mens-Fall01 Utilitarian: military influences have always been strong and designers keep digging deeper into this theme.

Mens-Fall02 Active Gent: the gap between formal tailoring and active apparel draws ever-smaller with this theme. Hybrid construction techniques combine distinguishing features of both looks.

Mens-Fall03 Padded Gilet: an item with trans-seasonal appeal, the padded gilet continues as a cold-weather staple.

Mens-Fall04 The Shacket: the shirt-jacket hybrid provides a lightweight alternative and perfect layering tool for the cold weather months while looking more on the casual end.

Mens-Fall05 Nylon Bomber: the bomber jacket represents a key silhouette, with shades of green and grey-blue.

Mens-Fall06 Heavyweight Bomber: sitting within the urban utility theme, the bomber jacket is realized in heavier wool fabrics to take this style through the cold weather months.

Mens-Fall07 The Parka: this presents a practical outerwear option that ties into key thematic trends. The parka boasts multiple pockets, sports-inspired drawstring detail and fur or shearling trims.

Mens-Fall08 Minimalist Overcoat: this provides an outerwear option with a smarter aesthetic, still keeping with the heritage finish.

Mens-Fall09 The Tailored Jogger: echoes of the activewear staple jogger continue across both casual and formal collections. Moving on from the elevated styles, this typically relaxed item undergoes further transformation.

Mens-Fall10 Relaxed Tailored Trouser: a contemporary juxtaposition with the modern man in mind, tailored trousers are realized with a relaxed approach as cuts become looser and design details less refined.

Mens-Fall11 Cobalt Blue: this color lends an electric burst of brightness to lift the season’s otherwise subdued palette.

Mens-Fall12 Military Greens: in line with the key thematic trend for all things military, a dominant mix of khaki, olive, field and dark greens come as little surprise for this Fall’s palette.

Mens-Fall13 Spiced Yellow: warm yellow makes a somewhat unexpected impact this Fall; from rich turmeric to mustard shades, this golden hue proves a popular option for trans-seasonal outerwear shapes and sits well among the season’s core colors of blue, grey and utilitarian green.

Mens-Fall14 Shades of Grey: brands make use of multiple shades of grey in patchwork, knit and panel forms. Highlighting the breadth of the grey palette through combinations of gradients with an almost futuristic feel achieved.

Mens-Fall15 Inkwell Blues: in use across both casual and formal markets on tailoring, this welcome alternative to black lends contemporary sophistication, or a directional finish on outerwear.

Mens-Fall16 Experimental Quilting: acknowledging the ongoing popularity of quilted outerwear at a commercial level, brands continue to bank on this success in an experimental take on the trend.

Mens-Fall17 Aged Tactility: lending a soft-haze finish to tailored outerwear shapes, texture appears to be the result of garments being subject to wear, with brands intentionally adding this to core pieces.

Mens-Fall18 Panel-Blocking: cut-and-sew style panel-blocking makes the move into the commercial field in the form of contrasting color and pattern detailing.

Mens-Fall19 Painterly Camo: a applied in both a considered and nonchalant manner, paint-laden brushstrokes help to create designs that emerge from a distance. Mens-Fall20 Plaid: showing no sign of abating, this perennial pattern is put to use across a number of silhouettes. Mens-Fall21 Dye Effects: brands look to dye effects to breathe a new lease of life into classic range basic shapes.  

Author: Chau Pham

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