Malee’s Thai Bistro

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABo Bites here!  I’m a local foodie in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.  My writings include musical lyrics from popular songs along with my food reviews.  I recently received my gold badge from Yelp and I write for a local cultural website called AZCulture  Here are my current favorite places to bring my dates.  Hope find them just as romantic and fun!  

Malee’s Thai Bistro

I don't recall how many times I've reviewed Malee's but it always turns out for the better for both of us. Malee's has been a highlight of for Thai food in Old Town Scottsdale for quite sometimes as I recalled when I first moved here; and you know still is!

Tonight was a special night as some of my friends and I gather for a birthday party and feast. We ordered a bottle of

wine and went for it. I ordered their Crispy Pla (A.K.A Fish Candy). They have other dishes that I love like the Crispy Basil Chicken; bite sized chicken glazed with a tamarind chili sauce, and Drunken Dragon Noodles; rice noodles and chicken tossed with basil and bean sprouts and lightly green curry sauce. Everyone around the table wasn't sure about my order because of the name, but as dishes were being passed around my dish was becoming the star of the night. Crispy fried fish drizzled with sweet and spicy pickled jalapeno garlic sauce on a bed of cabbage. The sauce really was the star since I'm sure you could put in on chicken, beef, or pork and it would still be a great dish. I love Malee's for their traditional take on Thai food, but also the ability to fuse an American style to enhance its food. Overall, Malee's is a must go if you're ever in Old Town Scottsdale! Malee’s Thai Bistro 7131 E. Main St Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Author: Chau Pham

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