From The Bees: following more than 12 years of research into bee venom, a team of Korean medical experts have concluded the substance rejuvenates the skin by replacing damaged skin cells with brand new ones. KoreanSkingcare-01 Bird’s Nest: known for its rich nutritional value, bird’s nest has been used in Chinese prescriptions for centuries. KoreanSkingcare-02 Snail: snail secretion is said to stimulate the formation of collagen, repair elastin and create a moistening protective layer on the skin. KoreanSkingcare-03 Goat’s Milk: a key ingredient in Korean products, said to provide nutrition and hydration without irritation, and containing selenium to prevent skin dryness as well as vitamin A, B and E to promote firm skin. KoreanSkingcare-04 Animal-Based Extracts: unusual animal-based ingredients such as horse oil, sheep wool oil and donkey gelatin are a hot new trend, with Chinese women said to have fallen in love with horse oil cream. KoreanSkingcare-05 Volcanic Produce: this pure and rare ingredient is formulated from solidified lava and is known to help minimize pores, remove sebum and exfoliate dead skin cells. KoreanSkingcare-06 Niacin amide: Korea’s popular whitening products contain ingredients such as niacin amide and titanium dioxide to enhance the skin and treat uneven skin tone. KoreanSkingcare-07 Smart Peels & Masks: disposable peels and masks are hot products in the Korean beauty market. KoreanSkingcare-08

Author: Chau Pham

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