Angular Liner: a host of cosmetic brands have released new pen eyeliners featuring an angular tip for precision lines that can be applied thick or thin. ColorCosmetics-01 Lash Enhancers: the newest mascaras on the market take the inspiration from nail care; using a nail polish topcoat the product is applied over the top of mascara to sculpt and curl lashes. ColorCosmetics-02 High Brow: brows continue to be a focus and the newest products come with innovative formulas to stand out from the crowd.ColorCosmetics-03 Inky Liquids: liquid, gel and oil-infused formats are popular for lip and cheek products.ColorCosmetics-04 Matte Mouths: bold pigments and statement colors are the focus for new lip products. Matte formulas are favored over sheer textures, and colors range from fuchsia and coral red to berry and plum. ColorCosmetics-05 Cheeky Sticks: prestige brands such as Chanel, Dior and Estée Lauder have all released new blushers in stick formats. Designed to be used with fingers rather than brushes, these sticks come in different shades and offers a powdery cream finish to impart a healthy, fresh-faced flush. ColorCosmetics-06 Face Base: from advanced high-definition foundation formulas to skincare-inspired concealers, the new crop-of-face bases are designed to achieve the look of flawless skin. ColorCosmetics-07 Aqua Infusion: water inspires new color cosmetic products. ColorCosmetics-08

Author: Chau Pham

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