Viet Lifestyles is a full colored, bi-lingual Vietnamese English magazine, featuring refreshing articles and ideas on all aspects of daily life including current events, beauty, health, fashion, culinary, "real-life" stories, travel, sports, entertainment, family, and relationship. Viet Lifestyles develops each issue around a focal theme that covers current hot issues and trends in a timely fashion.

Our mission is to reserve and promote the beauty of our traditional Vietnamese culture while embracing the modern western culture of a place where the Vietnamese culture, identity and traditional heritage is preserved and shared with Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese readers from around the globe. Our goal is to serve as a bridge to emerge the Vietnamese and American cultures, connect different generations within our Vietnamese community to become closer and strengthen our community.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Viet Lifestyles will be circulated across Arizona, Georgia, and Oregon. We hope Viet Lifestyles will bring joy to the homes of diverse readers from all different ethnic backgrounds, genders, and ages. We appreciate your readership and continued interest in our magazine and the work that we do. We always welcome your comments, suggestions, fresh ideas or pictures to enrich our quality.

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